The CVI RSBV is a trunnion mounted Rising Stem Ball Valve design, suitable to a wide range of applications. The mechanical (or cam) movement of the ball provides a friction free operation, eliminating wear between the sealing surfaces and extending the valve life. The design also eliminates the “pinch point” or “pressure cut” commonly found with normal quarter turn valves. The combination of linear operation and friction free sealing provide a superior valve in demanding application including those requiring high cycles or quicker closing times. The features resulting from the rugged design make it suitable for both common and more difficult applications throughout the energy industry.


• Cast and Forged Steel Construction •
Positive (Zero-Leak) Closure •
Mechanical Sealing/Operation • High
Reliability/Repeatability • Fire safe
Design • Positive Stem Retention • No
Pinch Point – 360 Dispersed Flow •
Single Seat Requires No By-Pass System

DATA: Sizes:

2” thru 20”

Full Port or Reduced Port

Pressure Classes:

150, 300, 600, 900, 1500

Operating Temperatures:

-50F to +500F (-46C to +426C)

End Connections:

Flanged, Weld, Weld by Flanged

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