Features Include:

  • For low or pulsating flows
  • Repeated Positive Shut-off
  • Quick Closure to Prevent Backflow
  • Trims: Standard or NACE MR01-75


Sizes:2” thru 12”

Pressure Classes:

150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500, API 6A

Operating Temperatures Range:

-50F to +350F (-46C to +176C)

Available End Connections:

Raised Face Flanged

Ring Joint Flanged Weld End Connections

The Piston Check valve is an excellent selection for services where low or pulsating flows are expected. The piston check design is inherently rugged, having no hinge pins, bushings, or bolted connections which are subject to impact loads when the valve seats. Valves are manufactured and tested to ANSI B16.34 API 6D and API 6A specifications.

For optimum performance, piston check valves should be installed with the bonnet of the valve upright and vertical. When installed in this position, the weight of the disc helps to center the disc and reduce wear due to disc drag on the body and seat.

Piston check valves can provide tight shutoff if the differential pressure across the disc is relatively large. To provide tight shutoff at a differential pressure of less than 100 psi an elastomeric sealed seat is normally provided.

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