Part CS Series Sulfur-proof Series SS. Series LF2 Series
Body A105 A105 A182 F304/F304L A182 F316/F316L A350 LF2
A105 A105 A182 F304/F304L A182 F316/F316L A182-F304
Packing Gland A105 A105 A182 F304/F304L A182 F316/F316L A182-F304
Ball A105+HCR A105+ENP A182-F304/F304L+HCR A182-F316/F316L+HCR A182-F304+HCR
Stem A182-F6A A182-410+ENP A182-F304,F304L A182-F316,F316L A182-F304
Seat Insert PTFE (standard) /PPL(high temperature)/PEEK/EPDM/VITON/DEVLON
Seat Retainer A105+Zn A105+ENP A182-F304,F304L A182-F316,F316L A182-F304
Packing PTFE / PPL/Graphite
Gasket PTFE / PPL/Graphite
Bearing PTFE / PPL
Spring 316SS/Inconel X-750/17-4PH/35-CrMo
Stud A193-B7 A193-B7M A193-B8,B8M A193-B8,B8M A320-L7
Nut A194-2H A194-2HM A194-8,8M A194-8,8M A194-7M


  1. All materials conform to ASTM standard.
  2. Materials above conform to general standard. We can apply other materials according to valve working
    condition or customer’s requirement. We also reserve the rights to improve the valve material according to
    relating standard.
  3. Zn-Galvanized       ENP-Electroless Nickel Plated        Hcr-Electroless Hard Chrome Plated
  4. Under-30℃(-22 F), working condition, the valve stem need to be extended.
  5. For NACE working requirements, spring strength ≤HRC28, body hardness≤HRC22.


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