L120 specifications

Gear housing

  • Cast aluminum, L120-10 through -40; cast iron, L120-85
    through -2000
  • Lubrication Grade 0 or Grade 00
  • Gear reduction Double-reduction type
    Worm gear (alloy bronze) and spur gear (heat-treated steel),L120-10 through 85
    Worm gear (alloy bronze) and spur gear (heat-treated steel), and worm (alloy steel) and helical gearing (heat-treated steel), L120-190 through -2000

Electrical compartment covers

  • Cast aluminum, O-ring sealed
    Hardware is nickel-plated carbon steel, L120-10 through -85,
    and L120-190 through -2000. Stainless steel optional for non-XP.


  • Available as four-pole, 1800 rpm (60 Hz) or 1500 rpm(50 Hz); two-pole, 3600 rpm (60 Hz) or 3000 rpm (50 Hz);eight-pole, 900 rpm (60 Hz) or 750 rpm (50 Hz).
  • Squirrel-cage induction for three-phase and capacitor
    start-induction run for single-phase.
  • Power supply three-phase motors, suitable for 3/60/230,
    3/60/460, 3/60/575, 3/50/380 or 3/50/415.
  • Nominal duty is 15 minutes.
  • Dynamic torque is nominal 20% of start torque
  • Class F insulation
  • Two Class B thermal contacts embedded within motor windings provide thermal protection

Limit switch

  • Gear driven, cam operated, snap acting
  • Four rotor/16 SPST contact switches (four contacts per rotor 2 N/O and 2 N/C). Rotors may be set to open or
    close at any valve position
  • Contact rating is 600 volts per ICS-125.6. Current rated 6 amps resistive and 60 amps inrush at 120 VAC

Torque switch

  • L120-10 through -85: Heavy-duty inlaid silver contacts, 600 volts, and one SPST contact each for open/closed direction dedicated to actuator torque protection
  • L120-190 through -2000: 600 volts per ICS-125.6, 6 amps resistive and 60 amps inrush at 120 VAC. One SPST contact each for open/closed direction dedicated to actuator torque protection.

Reversing contactor

  • Available at 12-, 25- or 50-amp ratings, selected accordingto motor ratings


  • WP actuators suitable for NEMA 4
  • XP actuators suitable for
    FM Class I, Groups B, C, D, Divisions 1 and 2;Class II, Groups E, F, G, Divisions 1 and 2
    CSA Class I, Groups C, D, Divisions 1 and 2;Class II, Groups E, F, G, Divisions 1 and 2

NOTE: XP actuators also carry NEMA 3 and 4 ratings.

Thrust and torque output drives

  • Torque output only a removable steel torque bushing is
  • Thrust and torque output a removable splined, bronze
    stem nut is provided, housed in a ductile iron thrust base
    and supported on thrust bearings.


  • Fabricated steel or ductile iron for side-mounted; cast
    aluminum for L120-10 top-mounted only. Handwheels are
    connected directly to drive sleeve (L120-10, -20 and -40).
    L120-85 operates through the worm set. Declutch lever is
    padlockable in motor position.

Mounting base

  • Supplied to MSS (English taps) standard. Optional ISO
    bases available.


  • Valspar epoxy/polyurethane and powder-coating for
    L120-10 through -40; Valspar epoxy/polyurethane
    for L120-85 through -2000. Both coatings are suitable
    for 500-hour salt spray.

Temperature rating

  • Standard operating temperature range is from -20′F to
    150′F (-29′C to 66′C). Optional extended ranges available.
  • For explosion-proof applications, the Factory Mutual XP
    temperature rating is shown on the FM nameplate.

Actuator nameplate

  • Flowserve Limitorque name, point of manufacture, actuator
    type and size, order number, serial number, space for
    customer tag information

Controls options

  • Available controls include BIC (Basic Integral Controls),
    Mod 20 modulating controls and UEX (electronic controls).


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