Actuation of valves, gates and dampers

L120-85 series

This model and larger actuators feature cast iron construction Optional ductile iron construction is also available.

L120-190 series

This versatile midrange member of the L120 family delivers more than seven times the thrust of the smallest actuators in the line.

Direct Mounting The L120 series can be directly coupled with
valves for torque-only applications. For thrust applications, a separate thrust base is used for the L120-10 through -85.

L120/V, L120/B320 and L120/MT Rising stem valves may be operated by an L120 coupled to a V, B320 or MT Series bevel gearbox. Thrusts to 921 000 lb (4100 kN) and torques to 19 000 ft-lb (26 000 N-m) are available.

L120/WG and L120/HBC The L120 series may be coupled to a WG or HBC worm gearbox for operation of quarter-turn valves or dampers, or multi-turn damper applications. Torque outputs to 449 000 lbs-ft (610 000 N-m) are available.

Valve mounting options

Mounting bases

Thrust actuator drive bases
Type A1 (drive 2) — Alloy bronze (torque and thrust)

Torque-only actuator bases
Type B4 (drive 1) — Standard steel bushing

Type BL (drive 3) — Splined steel bushing for rising or rotating stem valves

Mounting bases (L120-10 through -85)

Combinations for torque reduction applications


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