From basic controls to digital networks

The L120, with 25+ years of proven performance,continues to deliver reliable operation in a wide range of process control environments. Standard control packages utilize circuit board technology to reduce the need for hard-wiring. Control stations are available with a variety of illuminated indicator and selector switch options. These control stations are available in a standard design for basic integral control packages and an electronic version for use with the UEX electronic controls in network control packages.

Human interfaces

Control stations are available with a variety of illuminated indicator and selector switch options. The control stations offer two lights and padlockable selector switches as standard for use with electronic controllers. Switch stations can be supplied in the compartment cover (standard) or for remote mounting.

Integral package options:

No Controls Unit (NCU) is offered for open/close applications.Actuator controls such as reversing contactors and control transformers are located in motor control centers.

Basic Integral Controls (BIC) include integrally mounted reversing contactors, control transformers, fuses and interlocks.

Integral Reversing Controls (IRC) include BIC functionality,plus a plug-in interconnect board and additional options.

Modutronic 20 Controls offer a choice of integral packages for positioning or process control functions in response to analog process signals.

Electronic Controls (UEX) offer state-of-the-art actuator control with advanced diagnostics and configurability. Built on MX technology, UEX features include all of the UEC-3 functionality plus position feedback via an absolute encoder,an on-board LCD display of status and position, and supports any of five network protocols. The UEX can be field-installed to replace UEC-3 control packages.

Network Protocols provided through the UEX Control package include Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus DP, Profibus PA and DeviceNet.

L120/DDC direct-to-host networks support up to 250 field units


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