The L120 makes valve control easier for some of the world’s most demanding customers.

Petrochemical Installations such as refineries, pipelines,terminals, tank farms, cokers and off-shore platforms rely on the L120’s safety, endurance and operational efficiencies. The L120 has network compatibility, explosion-proof certification,and resistance to lightning, EMI and fire.

Power Generation plants value the L120’s availability,controls versatility and reliable performance. The L120’s rugged design and construction quality stands up to vibration, high-pressure steam and extreme temperatures.

Water and Waste Treatment Facilities benefit from the L120’s low-maintenance requirements and modulating control capabilities. Actuators meet AWWA standards and easily fit the industry trend toward modern controls networks. The
wide range of options in the L120 Series allows specification needs to be met cost-effectively.

Designed to provide positive,
dependable actuation

Solid design and durable construction qualify the
L120 actuator for applications involving harsh environmental conditions. A successful record with challenging requirements and compatibility
with advanced process control systems make L120 actuators the best combination of proven and leading-edge technologies. Backed by comprehensive technical support services, product documentation,and spare parts availability, the L120 series is an easy choice for flexible, dependable valve control.

L120 actuators can also be coupled to gearboxes such
as Limitorque’s V, B320, MT, WG or HBC operators for motorized operation of valves requiring quarter-turn operation or multi-turn applications for increased torque and/or thrust requirements.

All L120 actuators are factory-lubricated and
weatherproofed for service in temperature ranges from -50°C to 65°C (-56°F to 150°F). Submersible,explosion-proof, and extremely cold temperature versions of all L120 models are available for appropriate applications. Refer to pages 8 and 9 for L120 specifications.



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