Technical Specifications

  • Blocks Upstream & Downstream

  • Bubble Tight Shutoff – Zero Leakage

  • Slips retract before turning

  • Install in any position

  • LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out)

  • Lower trunnion not part of the plug

  • Body & Plug are plated with electroless nickel

  • Relief systems connect to body not bonnet

Product structural features:

High integrity double block and bleed expanding plug valves for land or offshore zero-leakage applications. According to ANSI is applicable to pipeline media that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power, etc. under nominal pressure of CLASS 150 – 900lbs and working temperature of -29°C -180°C

Technical Specifications

Structural Formation BC
Driving Manner Hand-Operated
Design Standard API599, API6D
Face to Face ASME B16.10
Flange End ASME B16.5
Test and Inspection API598, API6D

Products Performance Specification

(LB) Nominal Pressure (Mpa) Shell Test (Mpa) Sealing Test Suitable Temp. Suitable Medium
150 3.0 2.2 ≤ 180°C Water, oil & gas
300 7.5 5.5
600 15.0 11.0
900 22.5 16.5

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