Expanding Plug Valve

Double Block and Bleed Expanding Plug Valves

  • Technical Specifications
  • Blocks Upstream & Downstream
  • Bubble Tight Shutoff – Zero Leakage
  • Slips retract before turning
  • Install in any position
  • LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out)
  • Lower trunnion not part of the plug
  • Body & Plug are plated with electroless nickel
  • Relief systems connect to body not bonnet

Product structural features:
High integrity double block and bleed expanding plug valves for land or offshore zero-leakage applications.According to ANSI is applicable to pipeline media that are used in various industries
such as:

  • petroleum
  • chemical
  • pharmacy
  • chemical fertilizer
  • electric power
  • under nominal pressure of CLASS 150–900lbs
  • working temperature of -29°C-180°C
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