The CVI dual plate check valve design conforms to API594 and API6D. And it is generally stronger, lighter, smaller, more efficient and less expensive than conventional swing check valves. It has about 25% the face to face dimension and 15% to 20% the weight of a swing check valve and making them less expensive than a swing check valve. It is much easier to install between standard gaskets and line flanges.


Easy to install and maintain
Manufactured to API 594 and tested to API 598
Smooth, spring-assisted closing reduces water hammer
All WCB and 316 SS valves conform to NACE MR-01-75

Rugged Inconel X-750 spring is standard in all steel and stainless steel valves
Innovative 316 SS seat, standard in all WCB metal-seated valves, combined with standard 316 SS plates provides a true all stainless
steel seating area
Long-legged springs allow plates to open and close without seat scrubbing
Economical, lightweight, compact design-significantly lighter and less expensive
than comparable swing check valves
Light weight, versatile design, 80 to 90% lighter than conventional full-body check
Reduces pipe supports, simplifies piping, easier, less costly installation.
- Reduced thermal and seismic considerations
- No need for additional expensive support
- Optimum space utilization; simplified piping
Discs open 80┬░to ensure positive closing.
Materials and trims available for all services within temperature range.
Extended leg springs prevent seat wear caused by scrubbing.
Springs are calculated to increase the responsiveness of the disc, thus reducing
damaging effects of water hammer.
Resilient or metal-to-metal seat available.
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