No. Figure Number Code Description
1 Figure Number Identifies the detailed valve configuration (valve type, bore size, pressure class, materials, etc.)
2 Size/Pressure Class Identifies bore size and pressure classifications per API requirements
3 Max. Pressure Identifies the maximum operating pressure in PSI.
4 End Connection Identifies the way of end connection
5 Temperature scop F Identifies the maximum operating temperature in Fahrenheit
6 Manufacturing Date Identifies the date the valve manufacturing completion date
7 Serial Number Identifies certified manufacturers serial number
8 Valve Type Identifies the type of valve
9 Body Materials Identifies body metal material composition (A105, WCB, F51, CF8M, etc.)
10 Ball Materials Identifies ball material composition (A105, 316SS, ENP, etc.)
11 Seat Materials Identifies seat material composition (PEEK, Teflon, Nylon, etc.)
12 Stem Materials Identifies stem material composition(A105, 410SS, 17-4pH, etc.)
13 Seals Materials Identifies seals material composition


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