CVI entry cast ball valves are designed,manufactured and tested in accordance with API ANSI and ASME
requirements.The following list contains the most important applicable standards.

CVI Vista valves may be produced in accordance with other
standards on request.

ANSI-American National Standard Institute

ASME B 1.20.1 Pipe threads,general purpose
ASME B 16.5 Steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings
ASME B16.10 Face-to -face and end- to- end dimensions of
ferrous valves.
ASME B 16.25 Butt welding ends
ASME B16.34 Steel valves-flanged and butt welding ends
ASME B16.47 Larger diameter steel flange(26″ ~ 60″)
ASME B31.3 Technics pipeline ASME VIII division 1 ASME
Boiler and PressureVessel code,SectionVIII,
Division 1, rules for construction of pressure
MESC SPE 76/001 Surface roughness degree of flange gasket
MESC SPE 77/130 Ball Valve to API SPEC. 6D
MESC SPE 77/302 Material Acceptance Requirements for
Valves in General Service
MESC SPE 77/315 Electroless Nickel Plating

ISO9001-International Organization for Standardization

ISO9001 Quality systems-model for quality assurance in
design,development,production,installation and
ISO15156 Materials for use in H2S containing environment in
oil & gas production.
ISO 5211-1 Executive institution accessories of quarter-turn
valves,section1:flange dimension
ISO 5211-2 Executive institution accessories of quarter-turn
valves,section2:capability character of flange and
ISO 5211-3 Executive institution accessories of quarter-turn
valves,section3: the dimension of drive parts
ISO 10479 Valve test: fire-proof test requirement

API-American Petroleum Institute

API 6A Specification for wellhead valves
API 6D Specification for pipeline valves
API 6FA Specification for fire testing of valves
API 607 Fire test for soft seated quarter-turn valves
API Q1 Quality program
API 5B EUE External upset tubing threads

NACE-National Association of Corrosion Engineers

Mr0175 Sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic materials for oil field equipment(Superceded by ISO15156)

MSS-ManufacturersStandardization Society

MSS SP-6 Standard finishes for contact faces of pipe
flanges and connecting-end flanges of valves
and fittings.
MSS SP-6 Standard finishes for contact faces of pipe
flanges and connecting-end flanges of valves
and fittings.
MSS SP-25 Standard marking system for valves ,fittings
flanges and unions.
MSS SP-55 Quality standard for steel castings.
MSS SP-45 Bypass, and drain connections standard
MSS SP-53 Cast steel quality standard of valve,flange,
fitting and pipeline accessories –Magnetic
-particle testing
MSSSP-54 Cast steel quality standard of valve, flange
fitting and pipeline accessories–Radiographic
MSS SP-93 Cast steel and forged steel quality standard
of valve,flange , fitting、andpipeline accessories
—Liquid penetrant testing
PREN 12116 Industry valve, executive institution accessories
of quarter-turn valves
DEP Standard of pipeline
DEP Quarter-turn open/close executive
DEP Control valves’choice ,specification
and standard
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